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Hey, go for Max. *BEEP*

[OOC] State of Pups

Character: Max Guevara Character LJ:maxlittlefella
Canon: Dark Angel
General: She is just hanging out in the village and dealing. I need to decide what to do with her. Something with her transgenic abilities and maybe something to do with the Breeding Cult. She needs to be a little bit broken as she's had it relatively easy since arriving beyond the Heat angst.
Needs threads with: Anyone.

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[RotM] #2009.26 - Setting Exercise

E. Setting Exercise Write a scene for your muse, placing them in one of the following settings: A car trunk

She felt the movement first. On the edge of consciousness, teasing her mind like a will-o-wisp, was the sensation of movement. It was only a slight swaying but it was enough to penetrate the fog that blanketed her mind. Too many years of training and of self-preservation, had Max opening her eyes to a mere slit to get her bearings. If her captors had been watching her, it would have appeared as if she were still asleep.

The first thing she noticed, was pitch black darkness but her eyes easily adjusted to that and it was then evident that she was in a trunk. Her hands were unbound as were her feet. Did that mean whoever had hit her with a tranquilizer dart thought she'd be out longer? That would be an advantage.

Max opened her eyes fully and shifted her weight to make it easier for arm movements. She stretched her left hand out to get a feel of how deep the trunk was and any obstacles that might be in her path. Her fingertips touched the back of the trunk only after moving her body slightly toward the back. It gave her a pretty good idea of the type of car that she was in from that and it also reinforced that whoever had done this hadn't left anything behind. There was none of the usual flotsam and jetsam that accumulated in car trunks. There was nothing to lead anyone back to them later. It was a cleaned out trunk which only made the unbinding of her limbs that much more curious.

She pointed her toes to see how far the end was, but she met resistance almost immediately. Max then turned her attention toward her head and inched her body upwards. That too, didn't take that long to end. So while the trunk was deep, it wasn't particularly wide. Information which had the field of suspects narrowing down even further.

Now that her surroundings were explored, Max let her other senses take over. She began to listen for sounds outside, also listening for sounds of people talking in the car, anything that would give away any of the plans. Max might hate Manticore for making her what she was, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to use every available resource to keep herself alive. They could thank Lydecker for that.

Max Guevara ~*~ Dark Angel ~*~ 394 words


[RotM] 2009.24: I'm making you some ---

"I'm making you some macaroni and cheese." She called over her shoulder when she saw Joshua in the doorway. It had been a week since Annie's death and she wanted to do something, anything that would help cheer him up. All he'd been doing was staring at the portraits he'd done of her.

There was no answer.

"You have to eat something, Big Fella." Max turned from the stove with concern etched on her features.

"Not hungry, Little Fella." Joshua said with a listless voice.

She crossed the distance to where he stood in the doorway and hugged his stiff body. After a moment, his muscles began to relax and Joshua returned her hug, placing his chin on the top of her head.

"I know you miss her, Joshua but she'd want you to eat." Max shifted her weight to look up at him. "I'll put little, little hot dogs in it." Her dark eyes searched his for a spark of the old Joshua. She knew in time, he'd be himself again but right now he was in pain and it hurt her to see it.

"And Little Debbie's?" He finally asked after a moment of silence.

Max breathed a little easier. It was a step forward, albeit a small step. "Yeah, and Little Debbie's."

Max Guevara ~*~ Dark Angel ~*~ 215 words


OOC vids




I still have a soft spot for Max/Logan

Ficlet Meme

So I decided to put this up here for my Hearts and Minds muses. I will write a ficlet set in the H&M verse with your muse and mine. It can be set in current village canon or AU your choice. Feel free to make more than one request and I will get to them all if possible or pick at least one.

Please let me know the following:

1. Your Muse(s)
2. A song, quote, one word prompt, or brief description of what you'd like to see them do
3. Fluffy, Angsty, Comedy or writer's choice?
4. Rating request?
5. Is this set in canon or AU or do you want me to choose?

Warning! Will be cross posted to my crap load of pups :P
Max and the consequences of the feeding:

First a background on Max. Max is a transgenic which everyone knows is the culmination of perfect genes. She has the DNA of everyone that was anyone from Einstein, to Churchill to Pocahontas. (all canon) She also has feline DNA merging with her human that makes her go into heat about 3-4 times a year. Canon never actually said and the cycles were never regulated otherwise she'd know when it was time to go into heat and she never did.

Among the transgenics, Max is unique in that she has no-junk DNA. What does that mean you ask? It means that every single one of her DNA pairs has a specific purpose. No one else on the planet Earth has that. She is unique among humans and unique among transgenics. Even her clones didn't have it.

That was the tipping factor of using Max in Thomas' character development. She could be fed upon almost to the point of death and still survive. No one else could. The only reason that Justine could in canon was because Thomas himself pulled himself back from her with strength of his love for her. (tipping the scales into True Love immunity) He certainly doesn't have that with Max. They barely have a friendship though they do have a common bond and the friendship is growing through that.

Because of Max' abilities to heal quickly as a transgenic super soldier the affects from the FEEDING, yes that's a capital feeding, will be connected to her feral side. She will be close to death after the encounter with Thomas with very little strength and her hair will be snow white. Keep in mind that in canon after Max was shot in the stomach she left the hospital on her own two feet (albeit wobbly) after 24 hours. When she had emergency amateur brain surgery she was back at work at Jam Pony within a few days. At Manticore when she had a heart transplant she was up and out of the clinic within a few days. She is definitely not an ordinary human.

Her blood has stem cells in it, something that all transgenics have, and it can regenerate anything. In canon, a blood transfusion allowed Logan to walk again from his blown out spinal injury, until it broke down again over time. When Logan is near death from the virus infection that Manticore placed in Max, a transfusion from Joshua had him alive and virus free like an antidote in 24 hours.

In regard to her addiction to Thomas. It will constantly be there but extremely manageable (except when she goes into heat) only because of her no-junk DNA and transgenic status. Thomas!mun and I have discussed this and agree that Manticore would have weeded out anyone that had a weakness and the ability to be controlled through cravings of alcohol and/or drugs would be viewed as such. They were bred to be super soldiers and were killed as children if they showed any anomalies. In canon they put down a whole unit that had anomalies. Max's siblings that had a weakness through not enough Tryptophan were taken away. The only reason Max was not in canon is that they escaped before they could. With getting Zach's heart in her transplant that weakness (I'm a lemon) was taken care of.

We're playing it that the no-junk DNA has a coded sequence that will allow Max to ignore the cravings while she is in her right mind. When she is not, when she's in heat all bets are off and she will want him like a junkie wants the next hit. She can control it, barely while in that stage, but only because her being in heat is a more overwhelming desire than her need for Thomas' touch or sex. She will seek him out when her feral side is free like a heat seeking missile (no pun intended) but she won't act on it because Max will be distracted by the oooo shiney hot boy that crosses her path before she can get to him.

The affects of the feeding and the cravings Max as a transgenic with no-junk DNA will feel:

Not in heat around Thomas – Just a small draw toward him, nothing more than if she had a desire for chocolate chip cookies at 2am and there were none around. Easily ignored.

In heat not around Thomas - This will be deliberate on muns' parts not to have Max in heat around Thomas because if she is in heat around Thomas it will be an over whelming urge to have him. Literally. Thomas will be able to fend her off as preternatural being trumps transgenic super soldier easily in the rock/paper/scissors game of life. However, she won't be able to control her feral side and if Thomas thinks the Jehovah's witness was a pain in the ass to have attached to him and teeth marks were hard to get rid of, try having a transgenic act the same way but amped up to about the 10th degree. The way to explain our way around that is through her being distracted by the ooooo shiny of every hot boy that crosses her path.

Not in heat when Thomas vamps out using his Hunger in a battle or whatever - It will be exactly how she was in the thread where she came upon him while she was in heat. Before the FEEDING. The thread can be found here. It's controllable but barely. She'll want to take him where he stands, there will be an overwhelming feeling of lust, but she will be able to hold on. This is only because of her genetic makeup. If she wasn't who she was, there wouldn't be any way that she could stop the craving.

Max was fed on, life energy stolen and her soul marked by a deep feeding. This has consequences and will be something that she has to deal with daily and not just when she's in heat or Thomas is vamping out. For her it's manageable because of her genetic make up. It is the only reason that she survived it and it's the only reason that she can deal with the addiction and craving.

How the demon fed on Max's soul can be found here. This thread is NSFW and is Adult Only.

As for the True Love with Max – not even close to ever being viable. Even if Max and Logan had consummated their feelings for one another there was way too much baggage and hidden truths from Max to Logan that neither would be immune. She will never, ever disclose what happened in the woods when she was young and she finally felt free with her feral side. The killing of the man and the torture is a shame she will keep forever and never let Logan know about it. Even though he does because Lydecker told him. She won't tell him and that's the key.


You are The Tower

Ambition, fighting, war, courage. Destruction, danger, fall, ruin.

The Tower represents war, destruction, but also spiritual renewal. Plans are disrupted. Your views and ideas will change as a result.

The Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." You have been shaken up; blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built.

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